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Ubanking delivers digital investment solutions, founded on objective research-driven premises. We answer most relevant questions here.

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How Ubanking works

Standard solutions

We offer four risk-based and fully diversified global fund solutions at the lowest possible cost.

User-driven solutions

We offer an interactive platform where you can add your personal expectations on asset classes and individual stocks.


We offer a broad range of tools for investment and trading analysis. Primarily addressing fundamental values of financial assets. All tools are available in Microsoft Excel and video format.

Global Fund screening and lowest costs

No transfer of money

Global User-editable solutions with home-bias

Cheapest costs and full diversification

Keep your own custody, mobile and trading solution

Full professional analysis of portfolio

Academic approach using BlackRock, ECB and IMF

Unique User-Portal for Investment Management

Regulated financial instruments (UCITS)

Latest News and stories

November 30, 2020 5 minutes, 59 seconds read

Ubanking ApS – By CEO Thomas Peter Clausen, 28-11-2020 What and who is it? Danish entity, Ubanking ApS, provides professionally made investment platforms for primarily private investors. This concept or business is generally labeled “Digital Investment Banking” (DIB) or Digital Asset Management” (DAM). The philosophy and objective is to…

November 23, 2020 1 minute, 20 seconds read

Underdiversifikation i danske privatinvestorers aktieporteføljer, er som i udlandet stadig et massivt problem (Rangvid, 2019).[1] I hvert fald i lyset…

October 26, 2020 8 minutes, 50 seconds read

1. Ubanking International legal description Legal danish entity Ubanking ApS (Ltd) welcomes investors on the Ubanking International software platform,…

New book on the market!

Published in 2018 this investment book written in Danish, offers a comprehensive insight into financial theory and applications. Classical and contemporary research is covered and vastly exemplified with real-world cases. The application part of the book takes the reader into the very front desk of financial markets in equity and multi asset management.

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